Setup Charge

There will be a setup charge of $25.00 for etching any items with similar sizes and shapes. This is a one time charge per job. If you have many different items for etching varying in size and shape this charge could be more and you will be quoted a custom setup charge.

Artwork Design

We offer custom artwork design if you do not have compatible artwork to provide. The rate is $30.00 per hour. There is no charge for artwork that you provide that can simply be resized and is formatted correctly for the laser. Please see our artwork format guide for details on creating and formatting your artwork for etching.


If the items you supply for etching come pre-packaged there will be a packaging fee of 25 cents per item to unpack and repack the item.


We carry a wide variety of materials that can be etched. A selection of many different types of wood, acrylic, glassware, leather, ceramic, slate, and cork-board. We can provide almost any material that you will need for your etchings and perform any customizations such as finishing or cutting materials.