Laser Work

Epilog Mini Laser SystemOur laser system is a 40 Watt Epilog. This is the system that we currently use for all of our laser engraving and cutting. The maximum size product that we can engrave or cut at a time is 12″ x 18″. We can work with a large variety of materials. Our material etching and cutting capabilities are listed in the table below.



Laser Products:

  • Leather and Wooden Portraits
  • Acrylic Awards and Mementos
  • Custom Safety and Corporate Signs
  • Perpetual Plaques and Employee of the Month Awards
  • Labels, Decals, Control Panels, and Legends
  • Plastic Signs
  • Stainless Steel, Brass, and Copper Plates
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Barcode Labels
  • Multiple Language Products
  • All Custom Orders Welcome


Materials for Laser Cutting/Etching


Material Etching Cutting
Paper Yes Yes
Acrylic (cut up to 1/4″ thick) Yes Yes
Soft Woods (cut up to 1/4″ thick) Yes Yes
Hard Woods (cut up to 1/8″ thick) Yes Yes
Plywood (cut up to 1/8″ thick) Yes Yes
Glass (non tempered) Yes No
Leather (cut up to 1/4″ thick) Yes Yes
Cardboard Yes Yes
Laserable Plastic Yes Yes
Mat board/Art board Yes Yes
Fabrics/Fleece Yes Yes
Marble Yes No
Tile Yes No
*Aluminum/Steel/Brass Yes No
*Stainless Steel with Cerdec Coating Yes No


  • Raw metals can be marked by applying a solution that leaves the etched portion of the metal black, which is more accurately described as metal marking.