Introduction to 3D Printing – Mayland Community College – Avery Learning Center

3D printing is becoming more affordable for small business or home use. Learn how to separate the real promise of the technology from the hype, and understand the workflow for a consumer-level 3D printer. Become familiar with 3D printer operation, typical online sources of 3D objects available to print, and get an overview of free or open-source software for all stages of the process. Primarily focused to introduce you to the tools of the open-source 3D printer environment, but the principles will apply to consumer 3D printers in general.

Mayland Community College is hosting the class at their Avery Learning Center. We will be providing a 3D printer, creating, and printing a project by the end of the class. Even if you are just curious about 3D printing and not planning to purchase one for yourself this class will be very informative and fun.

We will also be offering 3D printing services for your designs. If you don’t want to invest in a printer of your own, but would like to be able to print some of your own designs later on.

Class Schedule: 4/4-4/13, TTh, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Click the link below to sign up: 

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Start using the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi


Interested in learning more about the incredibly popular Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi is a tiny $35 computer that can be customized for many different useful applications, limited only by your imagination and creativity. We will cover all of the basics to help you get started. Including overview of all models, setup, accessories, and awesome starter projects that anyone can do. If you have heard of the Pi and would like a good overview to help you get started in the right direction then this is the event for you. We also offer you the opportunity to laser cut your own custom acrylic case for your Pi at the end of the lesson with our laser cutter! April 8th at 5:30PM!

Eventbrite - Raspberry Pi Intro Class

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Custom Laser Wedding Items

Save The Date Wedding Magnets

We now offer all types of custom laser etching and cutting services. Including wedding items. Save the date magnets that are laser etched and cut from wood! Customized laser etched champaign glasses, laser cut wine charms, laser etched wedding portraits, custom candle holders, wedding guest books, even laser cut wedding invitations. We can customize just about anything for you and design just about anything you can imagine!

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Latest News

Custom Lamp

A lot has changed in the past few months. We have been hard at work opening up our shop. Since July we have been repairing the old Avery County Oil Company building in Newland and have purchased a laser cutting and etching system from Epilog. It has been an exciting summer. As we head into fall we are preparing to open up to the public to start offering our unique products and services.

Soon we will have several different items available for laser etching and personalization. We will offer a wide range of products that can be laser engraved. Everything from wedding invitations to fleece jackets. Our laser system will be available for custom laser cutting services as well. We are also hard at work developing unique items that you will only find here to be sold in our store and online utilizing our new design studio.


Our 3D printing service will also be available for small items. We are planning to expand our 3D printing capabilities soon with a new much larger and more capable printer. Even offering 3D printing classes allowing you to print items that you can design at home in our shop.

We want to offer products built by local craftsman in our store as well. There are many talented people in our community and we would love to showcase their skills right along with ours. We will offer more details about selling in our store soon.

As always we will continue to offer new services and items as we grow and expand. We are exploring offering CNC millwork. We are working with Parker & Parker Woodworking to start offering small custom furniture and hand crafted wood items. They have been in the custom cabinet business for over 18 years and have built some beautiful custom cabinets.

There is a lot more to come. So keep checking in and we would love to hear from people in our local community. Maybe you have an interesting product you make and would like to sell or just have a question. Be sure to let us know!

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Printrbot Online

Photo Jan 02, 9 14 53 PM

Hello all. It has been a while since my last post. During that time I have been building and calibrating our 3D printer. The Printrbot Simple Metal. I ordered the kit a couple months back. This is my first experience with 3D printing and, after doing research online, we decided that the Printrbot SM kit would probably be the best fit for what we were looking for. I was kind of skeptical about the low price tag $540.00(Kit) $599.00(Assembled). Considering that most hobby 3D printers that I had seen were past the $1000.00 mark. I must say though that I am impressed by this little machine.

The assembly instructions were very clear and detailed, and having an 8 video series on YouTube for assembling and calibrating the Printrbot made a world of difference. The calibration took some time to get everything just right. Dialing in the Z axis and assuring that the right amount of filament was being fed into the hot end. So far I have been getting some pretty great prints. I have made a few modifications to the Printrbot, such as printing a fan shroud and building a wooden spool holder that mounts on top for the filament. The next modification will probably be adding a heated print bed to prevent the plastic from warping as it cools and to allow it to adhere better to the printing base.

I have setup a 3D print server using OctoPrint for the Raspberry Pi. This is great because I can send G-Code print jobs to the printer and monitor its progress remotely. The OctoPrint configuration we have will allow anyone to monitor the status of our prints here. All in all, my experience with the printer has been great. It works well, it’s easy to setup and use, and can be upgraded over time. I would recommend it for anyone looking to get started with 3D printing.

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