Introduction to 3D Printing – Mayland Community College – Avery Learning Center

3D printing is becoming more affordable for small business or home use. Learn how to separate the real promise of the technology from the hype, and understand the workflow for a consumer-level 3D printer. Become familiar with 3D printer operation, typical online sources of 3D objects available to print, and get an overview of free or open-source software for all stages of the process. Primarily focused to introduce you to the tools of the open-source 3D printer environment, but the principles will apply to consumer 3D printers in general.

Mayland Community College is hosting the class at their Avery Learning Center. We will be providing a 3D printer, creating, and printing a project by the end of the class. Even if you are just curious about 3D printing and not planning to purchase one for yourself this class will be very informative and fun.

We will also be offering 3D printing services for your designs. If you don’t want to invest in a printer of your own, but would like to be able to print some of your own designs later on.

Class Schedule: 4/4-4/13, TTh, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Click the link below to sign up: 

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